Due to popular demand, MechWerks is making available a parts kit for the neck fixture of a custom motorcycle frame building jig.


Here are the parts to our version of a neck fixture for a custom motorcycle frame jig. Note: welding is required. When assembled on a 2x3 vertical post this fixture holds the steering head of a frame in place for needed rake and height. Included are two 3/8 profile cut plates (Plates are drilled to allow 3 between bolts), one machined 2x2 round that is center drilled with a machined flat on the side for, one boss centered drilled with a set screw on the side to lock to bar, two machined centering cones 2 long with just under 1 to 1-3/4 taper and set screws installed to lock to bar, four hardened cap screws and nuts.

Part number NECKJIG Price is $195 plus shipping (can ship in USA for $10.00 via USPS flat rate Priority Mail). These parts are special fabrication, please allow 7-10 business days for shipment (see below for more information)

Side Plates. For 2x3 post. CNC Plasma cut from 3/8 HR steel plate. As-cut edges will need finishing. Holes will be drilled to allow a 3 wide space between bolts and for a 2 round in one position.

Part number JIGPLATES Price is $40.00 plus shipping for 5#.


Centering Cones. 2 long with 1-3/4 diameter tapering to just under 1, bored through with setscrew installed on the side for locking to round bar.

Part number JIGCONES Price is $75.00 for a pair plus shipping for 3#.


2x2 CR Steel bar center bored , with machined flat on side for included boss. Boss is bored with a set screw on the side for locking to a round bar. Welding is required to align and assemble these parts.

Part number is JIGBOSS Price is $50.00 plus shipping for 3#.



Here is a picture of the fixture partially assembled. It is the fixture at the top of the post (there is another similar fixture lower on the same post). Note that the boss holding the rod for the cones is not welded to the 2 round piece. It is recommended that a temporary CR steel bar is installed that runs from the frame jig axle center line to the boss while the jig is installed on the post. Then the boss is welded to the 2 round Make sure the setscrew is in an accessible position). Then the temporary bar is replaced with the 17 bar and cones. The jig is ready for use. Adjust height by loosening all four cap screws and moving the jig as needed. Rake angle is adjusted by loosening the cap screw through the 2 round and swinging the rod to the needed angle. Centering cones are held in place with setscrews. Note that center cones are not threaded and are a slip fit on the round (This allows the assembly to be stiffer and quicker to remove/install for work that needs to go in and out of the jig several times). (Back to jig kit)


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